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Kits for Laser Printers, Toner-based Fax Machines, and Copiers. toner cartridge and toner refill kits for all major brands including HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Samsung, Minolta, Lexmark, NEC.

Toner Guru(tm) is a Discount Direct source for Printer Cartridges and Consumables:

Toner refills and inkjet refills have gained a great deal of popularity among price-conscious consumers mainly due to the low cost that they offer especially when compared with the Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) alternatives. The pricing strategy of virtually all printer manufacturers is to charge a ridiculously low amount when purchasing a printer and a similarly ridiculously high amount when purchasing ink and toner cartridges for those printers. As a result, a high quality laser printer has dropped from a couple of thousands of dollars to one or two hundrend. Many consumers buy into this scheme to get their new printer only to find a couple of weeks later that their ink or toner is out and that buying new brand name cartridges cost as much or more than the whole printer itself. Since printing is an essential function for home, school and office refilling with OEM will cost you a good part of your car monthly payment! Toner Guru(tm) can save you up to 88% of that cost by the following products:

Toner Refills: Toner refill kits is the newest development in the printer consumables aftermarket. It allows you to refill a laser printer with the special powder called toner. A toner refill kit bought from Toner Guru (tm) will always contain all material and tools necessary to complete your refill for your old cartridge. It will always include the toner good for many times of refilling and precise instructions on how to refill your toner cartridge. It may also include, as necessary, hole making tools, new chips or chip resetters. Our kits often come with extra gifts such as photo paper, label paper, business card paper etc. Another exciting and new possibility is the introduction by our direct sources of high yield toner, a special toner that can multiply the page yield of your cartridge by a factor of up to 3 (i.e. print 3 times more pages than normal yield toner).

Bulk Toner: This one allows for as heavy printing schedules as one desires! It is suitable for customers that have bought their toner refill kit before and already know how to refill their printer. Bottles of pure toner powder come in many gram and kilogram quantities. Professional photo shops and digital printer businesses rely on such items to cut their costs. Imagine the printing power of a 1Kg pure toner bag!

Inkjet Refills: Ink refills and ink refill kits have been around for a long time, since 1997, and Toner Guru(tm) has been there from the start! Ink, as opposed to toner, is the liquid that fills the cartridges of inkjet printers. The liquid is a water-based or other mixture that contains a number of elements that ultimately determina the printout quality. There are two main types of ink. The pigment ink and the dye ink. The pigment ink is based again on a powder, just like toner, that is dispersed in a suitable chemical solution with a binder. It results in high quality and long archival printouts but many easily clog printheads without maintenance. Dye based ink is usually of weaker contrast and quality on paper prints but flows much easier through your printer. Toner Guru(tm) formulates ink in such a way that is not only suitable for your specific printer model but also maximizes the quality and relevance to the original OEM ink. The reason for the latter is not that the quality of OEM ink is higher, quite the opposite. But OEM ink is what your printer drivers have been programmed with and it is those ink color mixing properties that they can match. This may be important for photo printing and professional color matching. In all, Toner Guru (tm) has deep knowledge and expertise on ink and we apply this knowledge for each new printer model as these come to market.

Bulk Ink: Once you know how to refill your inkjet printer, i.e. have bought an ink refill kit from Toner Guru(tm) before, the saving become huge as you can now buy ink in bulk to fill your printer cartridges!

Remanufactured Cartridges Ready to Print Cartridges: Refilling will save you tons of money with some effort that goes to refill your own old cartridges. If refilling is not for you, then do not worry. We have refilled empty remanufactured cartridges and sell those ready to print to you. Their final cost to you represents huge savings when compared to buying originals.

Chips and Resetters to reuse your old cartridges: For a few years now printer manufacturers have been trying to resist to the cost cutting represented by the above. So they introduce small electronic components to their printers and cartridges with the sole purpose of not allowing you to refill and make you buy the original expensive cartridges only. At Toner Guru(tm) these chips and components are included in every refill kit or cartridge and are also sold separately to allow you to plan your refill savings exactly in accordance to your specific needs.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Cartridges: Toner Guru (tm) is performing its own reasearch and development for printer consumable solutions. For some printers, especially some newer laser printer models, refill solutions have been fully developed yet or are not up to our quality standards. Our shop does not want to turn away these customers and offers OEM cartridges at guaranteed lowest prices!

Printer Consumables and Equipment for Professionals: Toner Guru (tm) has a large collection of professional equipment used for refilling cartridges, printer maintenance, cartridge components for repairs and remanufacturing and shops highly dependent on printing such as as mailing rooms, mail stops, copying shops, print shops etc. We have the best prices you ever saw on postage ink (suitable for Pitney Bowes), Unifill refilling machines and more.

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